Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Don’t Worry. I Didn’t Die. I Promise.

Well.  It’s bee a looong time since I’ve written.  I am the worst.  It’s been a mixture of not excuses (for some weeks) and an actual excuse (in-law craziness.  Literally).

I’m not going to go crazy and write a million words right now, even though I’ve been known to blow out these posts in the past.  Instead, I will update all of you folks on the financial situation as of now.

During the road trip, I was sent a couple of checks related to both the insurance claim (still not closed) and the construction part of the 203(k) loan. 

*Aside* – Here’s what happens in Windows 7 Live Writer (which is awesome by the way, at least for blogging) when you type “(“ followed by “k” and then “)”.  Red lips  Apparently that means kiss.  The internet is both the best and the worst, simultaneously.  Yeesh.  *Aside over*

With those checks, I paid some folks a bunch of money.  I still have not yet received the remainder of the insurance money, nor have I received the remainder of the loan money.

For awhile, I was fighting with the bank (who loaned me money) to get them to release the rest of the funds, since the house was pretty much finished up and I was broke.  I am still broke.  Only last week did the fine folks at M&T Bank finally acquiesce and allow for the final inspection and subsequent money release.  I asked Richard Who Hands Me Money to stop by for the final inspection, but instead of doing that, he just sent me an email with a bunch of forms to fill out and told me to take pictures of things.  Lazy turd.

I filled out the forms, had Al Medina, General Contractor sign them as well, scanned them and emailed them back to Richard.  I also took pictures and sent those along.  Hopefully doing those two things will mean I will finally get the rest of the loan money sometime in the very immediate future and will finally be able to pay Al the rest of what he is owed.  My bill is currently at close to $17k owed (please note that he has been paid over 32 grand in American dollars, so he isn’t flipping out about money just yet).

The insurance is another matter entirely.  It’s been months and months since the house I am currently living is caught fire.  It was on the 3rd of July.  I still have not yet received the final check for the repairs (which have been finished forever) nor have I received the financial hardship inducing “pay Ryan back for all the money he spent when he lived in a hotel and had to eat out every single meal for over a month” check.  For an idea of how much money I spent, but still haven’t seen, the total cost for the hotel stay only, not including meals, was over twelve thousand dollars.  Out of my pocket.  I would really like to see that money again, as I am starting to get a little worried.  When will I see it?  I, literally, have no idea.

I’ve been bugging Richard, who, if you remember, helped me get a lot more money than I needed from the insurance company, about that money for months now.  he keeps telling me that it is a separate issue from the insurance claim, and thus, it is generally reviewed and handed out after the final check has been cut.  Since that has not happened yet, I cannot get repaid for living it up at the Courtyard Marriott in downtown Providence.

This process was, and remains, ultra frustrating.  It’s been over five months since I initially called Traveler’s to let them know that someone lit some garbage in my yard.  The repairs have been finished for months, I haven’t been able to pay my general contractor (but have managed to pay everyone else), and I will be unable to close on a sale of the place (I that were to occur) without this stupid claim being closed once and for all.  I really have not had a good time dealing with all of this. 

Oh, and since I have not been paid the final amount of the claim, I still cannot reveal to you how much it was for.  I know you’ve been anticipating the final number for months and months, but I can’t let the feline out of the bag quite yet.

So, in short, I am waiting on tens of thousands of dollars worth of checks to be mailed to me.  I have done everything I can to make sure that the folks sending the checks are in a position to mail them.  I wrote this post to complain.

The next one will probably have complaints to, but it should also have some images of the house.  I know you like pictures more than text anyways.  Imbeciles…

Just kidding.

Red lips

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