Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It’s Been A Long Time, I shouldn’t Have Left You, Without A Blog Post To Step To.

So.  We’re in Puerto Rico and settled.  And stealing wireless internet.

A lot has happened since I last wrote, but not really that much concerning the house.  It’s still on the market receiving some, but not a lot of interest.  It’s currently being managed by a local company.  No one has rented anything yet, but there are showings left and right, so I’m sure it will have a tenant or two by the end of this month or the beginning of next month.  Likely, and sadly for me, it will be at a reduced rent (down from the $800 I’m trying to get per unit), but I guess some money is better than none money.

As for money, we’re still waiting on The Traveler’s Insurance Company of Hell to send the additional living expenses check to us.  The fire was in July.  We’re now closer to next July than we are to last July.  Jesus Holy Christmas.  Richard Who Hands Me Money has been bothering the manager of the feminine hygiene cleansing product that is in charge, but I haven’t heard much news other than “he’s working on it”.  Not likely.

As for Amanda and I here in Puerto Rico?  It’s effword sweet.  We’ve been here for a couple of weeks so far.  We spent the first four days living in a hotel, searching for an apartment, then the next few days after that going to super extra busy Puerto Rican Wal*Mart for stuff to put in the already furnished, but not quite ready apartment.

Here’s a short photo tour of the place:

Living Room

This is the small living room with an uncomfortable futon.  I took this from the small dining room, which I where I threw my laptop, so I didn’t photograph it.  Here are some more living room shots:

Living Room 02Living Room 03

We bought the small table, the small TV, the large curtains and the large tablecloth.  The rest of the stuff came with the place.  The crooked wall hangings above the TV not only came with the place, but also bother me to no end, as I hate when things are askew.


The teeny weeny galley kitchen.  It didn’t come with an oven, only an in counter stove top, so we got a toaster oven.  Not pictured?  The ice cream machine that Amanda bought and is wearing out.  She thought she loved ice cream before.  Now she knows better.  She likes it a lot more now that she makes it herself.


This is the bedroom.  It is super small and has a single dresser, a decent sized closet, a queen sized bed, a small television and an attached bathroom.  The bed kind of sucks, but whatever.

This place, as I see it, is a pretty good deal at $900 per month.  Since we both don’t have jobs (sweet), I paid for four months up front and gave two months for a security deposit.  That enticed the owner enough to let us sign a year lease.  What do we get too look at for one year?  This tiny apartment.  Also, the backyard:


Wablam.  That’s the completely killer view from our living room windows.

The building is also gated, has a pool, a little pic-nic area with some brick bar-b-qs and, ahem, direct access to a mile of white sand beach and really warm water.

So far it’s been 83 and sunny every day, with a bit of rain sprinkled in on two nights.  Amanda and I have made an excellent life choice.  At least for now.

Next time?  A fun story about how I ended up looking like this:

Wrist 1

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Nice place, can't wait to come check it in person :)