Thursday, March 15, 2012

Part 2 - An Extended Weekend of Hard Work...

...Just not at Any Properties That I Own.

The project immediately postceding (probably not a word) the horrible ceiling work from the preceding post was some not as horrible, but still kind of terrible floor work. The bathroom laminate was curling up around the shower and was in generally rough shape:

Note the weird stains on it.

Some quick work with a utility knife, and the offending curled up laminate was history:

A few days earlier, I had advised my parents on what they would need to purchase in order for me to help them out. That list included the stick tile vinyl flooring for this very room. I lugged it from the back of a car and got to work:

After waaaay too much time spent (cutting vinyl tiles to fit around a toilet is really difficult and time consuming), the floor was finished up:

Much better.

All that was left was to run a bead of caulking around the entire room the next day:

In the Exciting Conclusion of An Extended Week of Hard Work Just not at Any Properties That I Own: more of the same, just in a different room.

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