Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The List

Pay-stub from current employer
Contact information to verify current employment
Provide a letter from new employer on company letterhead of new hire
Two years W2s ('09 and '10)
Two years tax returns ('09 and '10)
Two months most recent bank statements
Explanations in writing of all transactions exceeding $1000 on bank statements
Copy of driver's licenses and Social Security card (for both signors)
Proof of Earnest Money check clearing account
Signed Inquiry Letter
Letter of explanation for any credit discrepancies during last ten years
Letter of explanation regarding 7 month gap in employment
Contact information for Homeowner's Insurance agent
Completed credit card authorization form for FHA appraiser
Clear Termite Report

The above is the list of crap Amanda and I need to get together in order to close on the house we might live in.

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