Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wheelings and Dealings?

Wheelings: We bought a tiny Fiat for Amanda yesterday. It will be delivered by Friday. She is very excited.

Dealings: We have an agreement on a house. Hooray. Here's how it all went down:

When I last wrote, we had put our "best" offer in on the second house pictured and described in my last post. That offer was 142k with 2k back at closing. I got an email very late on Friday night from Jonny Rodgers from Texas saying that we didn't win with that lowball bid.


Since we lost out on that house, we went to Plan B, which is the house featured third in that last post. After doing the research, the neighborhood was more expensive overall than the house we first offered on, so we bumped up the initial bid to $138,500. We signed off and sent that over, thinking that the sellers would likely drop the price by a grand, reminding us that the house was priced slightly under market value already.

Hours later, I got a message from Mr. Rodgers saying that they had offered us the house at 142k. I was pleased. They also asked if we could either close in late July (the closing date on the offer was July 6th) or if we could close on the 6th and lease them the house until the end of July. in other words, they aren't ready to leave, which is strange since the house has been on the market for months. I guess they weren't too hopeful about selling it?

We countered with our "Final Offer" at 140k with closing on the 30th of this month and a lease for them until the 15th of July. In other words, the house is ours as of June 30th, they can live there until the middle of July, but pay us $50 per day living there.

The next morning? Accepted. Wablam.

We're going through the super fun mortgage process and are pumped to not only have a house to live in, but also get paid for 15 days for no real reason at all.

We are decidedly less pumped to be living in the Extended Stay Deluxe for an extra 15 days.


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