Friday, January 8, 2010

Last Evening

So. Last night, we planned on meeting John to see three properties. John held up his end of the bargain and met up at property number one. It's a three unit building with a three car garage and tiny yard. The first floor was in OK shape, the second floor was in not so OK shape, and the third floor was in terrible shape. Photos below:


First Floor Living Room (Wood Paneling!):

First Floor Kitchen:

First Floor Bathroom (Blue is best):

Third Floor Wall Treatment:

Third Floor Wall Treatment Again:

Aforementioned Garage:

The first floor has new windows, which is nice. The second floor is the same as the first, just with a little less attention paid to it over the years. The third floor, as mentioned above, is terrible. It's listed at 100k which, for the neighborhood, is pretty good, but might not be good enough.

The second spot we saw was a four unit, two story place. We walked in, took a look around, noticed that two of the four units didn't have a living room, and left. It was terrible. As you can see:


Kitchen (there are three rooms connected to the kitchen. Two bedrooms and a bathroom. That's the whole apartment. We left shortly after this realization):

Galley (Sink Room):


The third place, which is huge, is a three unit jammer with paint ball shots all over it:


Some Sweet Art That Comes With It:

We went up to the front door, took a look around, and had no idea how to get in. According to the Realtor, there was a lock box with a key in it. We had the combination and everything. The only problem? We couldn't find the lock box to use said combo.

We went around to the back of the house and found no lock box. Again. We walked back around to the front, looked around again and finally spotted, on the side of the house, connected to the electric or water meters (I don't know the difference), the lock box. Buoyed, John started to get the combo input. It was already input. Uh-oh. Sure enough, the lock box open right up to reveal no key. Fantastic.

With no way to get in, we left. Crap.

Now, I get to wait to see that third place while I run a bunch of numbers on the first place. Fun.

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