Thursday, January 14, 2010

Up Date.

A small update for my loyal readers.

I heard through some sort of grape and or ivy vine that there was a property for sale. I did not find this out through traditional channels, but was asked not to mention the owner. It sounds a lot cooler/more mysterious than it actually is.

In any event, I will be going to see this place on Sunday at 3pm. I am very excited to see it. The person from whch I heard this has warned me about the condition of the place. This person has said things like, "two of the windows might be broken" and "the front steps might not be the best".

While I certainly appreciate the honesty, obviously, the owner is not a loyal, or even passing, reader of this poorly written and maintained blog.

I have dealt with broken windows, not so great steps and much much worse already.




If these are the only problems, I am in for a treat this weekend.

Full update on Monday, provided I actually see the place on Sunday.

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