Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back To It.

Now that I got the money and am back to work at my real job, it's time now to get back to my second job: Making Millions in Real Estate (or At Least a Few Thousands). In between the flu and two colds last week, we ventured out for a few drive-by property viewings. Here are some sweet pictures of the places:

$50,000 (plus the cost of roof tarp removal)



$60,000 (this one is the early front runner, but might only be two units, which stinks)


$89,900 (plus the cost of orange paintball splatter removal)

I sent the addresses of the ones that don't scare me (some above did, for various reasons) to John McCann, Realtor and he will hopefully get us in to check them out, up close, soon.

Hopefully, I can get an offer in some time next week and start the process once again.

Also, I got some sweet Legos for Christmas. Awesome.

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