Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breckin Meyer Was Also In Garfield The Movie

It's been two days since my house's last accident.

On to the big news I promised yesterday: After a phone call from Dan (yes, the Dan), I confirmed that my golf clubs were also stolen. Both sets of them. Crap.

Smaller news, but news nonetheless: I quit my job, my actual day job, a few weeks ago. A week form tomorrow is my last day drawing a paycheck/doing work for a gigantic/antiquated toy company. I tried to convince some folks there to let me work remotely, but the multi-billion dollar corporation dumb enough to employ me is against it. How quaint.

Related: Amanda quit her job as well.

Why did we do this? Because on October 28th, I have to hand my leased Mercury Mariner back to Ford. I have about 8,000 miles to use before I hand it in. Of course, to use all of those miles, we are going on a month long road trip all over America. Awesome.

We're headed from here (Providence) to Portland, down to San Diego, over to Atlanta and back to Providence. We hope to see a lot of weird stuff, including a family that is half socially inept midgets, led by this man:

After the Road trip is finished, we're going to stick around for the holidays, then move to Puerto Rico to continue the property flipping and headaches. Only when we're there, I get to yell at people in English while they retort in Spanish.

This obviously effects the house renovations and thus, this blog. When we're gone, I'll have nothing house related to write about, so enjoy the last few posts before next Wednesday.

Also related: I'm super broke. This is going to be great for the road trip. No it isn't. It turns out that living in a hotel and eating at restaurants for every meal drains your bank account. Here's a nice shot from my online banking account:

Oof. A note about the above: that was the final amount of money that the Marriott took from me. It was the last of three. It cost $12,796.39.

I have received a check from the mortgage company that I deposited yesterday, so hopefully today it will post to my account. The bad news? It was for a meager 5 grand that will immediately be given to workers and a home insurance company. To remedy this terrible financial situation, I have been calling the mortgage company, who have all of my insurance money, daily to get them to send more. I also set up an inspection for tomorrow morning. That inspection will hopefully go well and then the insurance money that my mortgage company is holding will be mailed to me. I will have more money for the road trip if that happens.

Lastly, there's an advantage to living in a hotel for an entire summer: the rewards points. This will pay for a lot of free stays on our trip:

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Khristen said...

HOLY CRAP! You weren't lying about the points! Wowzers!