Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Text Today, Images Tomorrow

We checked out of the Courtyard Marriott Downtown in Providence this morning. After work today, we will be officially living in a building that I purchased months ago. I am both happy about this, as I'm tired of eating crappy food and living in one room, and sad about this, as I don't want to pay for an air conditioner.

Over the weekend, Amanda and I spent a bunch of hours getting the third floor livable in the hopes that Dan Costa, Electrician would spend his day today getting electricity routed to the third floor. Since the water heater was installed and lit last week, the plumbing was pressure tested and Al Medina, General Contractor finished up his work, all that's left to make the third floor tolerable is electricity. I have been trying to talk to Dan today and have not yet been in touch with him; this does not auger well.

At any rate, I will have some pictures up tomorrow of the work that's been done as well as of the bill from the hotel. It's a very big bill.

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