Thursday, September 9, 2010

Well, We Moved In

As I mentioned, we moved in on Tuesday evening, fully expecting electricity. I didn't hear anything from Dan Costa, Electrician during the day, so I was a little worried. Luckily, when I got home on Tuesday evening, after work, my worries were completely founded. No electricity. Sweet.

To remedy this, I ran an extension cord from a working outlet in the basement all the way up to the third floor. 200 feet of cord later, we had essentially one working outlet in the apartment. I then plugged a bunch of other crap into the cord and we had a working home entertainment center and a few fans running. Basically, I had 10 things plugged into one outlet in the basement. I am ghetto.

After a few fun phone calls and messages with Dan Costa, he sent one of his cronies (not really a crony, but it's a super word), to hook the third floor up to the house meter. Basically, he took a huge electrical cord and connected the third floor panel to the house panel. Kapow; electricity on the third floor.

Now that there's electricity on the third floor, it's completely livable. Last week, Joe Merritt plumber put the hot water heater in and National Grid turned the gas on and lit the heater. We have electricity, pressure tested plumbing and hot water. Awesome. The apartment, however, is far from perfect. The biggest problem? The kitchen sink is not hooked up to any sort of plumbing. See?

We do have running water in the bathroom sink, so it's not unlivable, but it does make washing dishes very difficult. For instance...

Last evening, we had the first home cooked meal in months. Tacos. Delicious. The downside to home cooking is having to deal with the messy dishes after eating. It's a pain in the bottom under ideal circumstances, but when living somewhere without a working kitchen sink, it is terrible. It led to this:

That's me washing a frying pan used for ground turkey and taco seasoning in the shower.

In other news, here are a bunch of pictures. This is where we live now:

This is the work that Al Medina, General Contractor, along with his workers, did in two days. Insulation, Tyvex wrap, clapboards, windows, custom window overhang, prime, paint.  They are the best:

 I also found the below when unpacking. This is apparently what happens when you leave deodorant on its side during the summer:

Lastly, this house just keeps on giving. Last weekend, when we were readying the house for living, I spent some time removing the baseboard heater covers throughout the house. Behind one of them? Some nostalgia:

 I'm headed to New Hampshire this weekend for a wedding. I won't be doing any work. I also won't be doing any dish washing in the shower. Next week? Some insurance fun.

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