Friday, July 22, 2011

Where Cooks Be At! Where Cooks Be At!

Now things are getting expensive.  The next installment of “The Stuff We Plan On Doing To That House We Bought” focuses on the kitchen (plus foyer).  Here’s the way things look now:


The kitchen is super long and super outdated.  It also have flesh colored flooring.  Not even good flesh color.  More like pinkish Irish skin.  Terrible for skin and terrible for floors.

The cabinets are in good shape, but not that great quality-wise (it was built in the 80s), so I will do my best to salvage them, but I’m not optimistic.  Here are the plans:

Paint the walls
Replace the lighting
Replace outlet/switch covers
Replace door hardware (front door, closet)
New curtains and hardware
Remove the flooring (ugh)
Lay new tile floor
Remove the back wall (where the fridge is now)
Create breakfast nook style pass-through to Dining Room
Move the fridge next to dishwasher
Reconfigure (or replace) cabinetry
New Countertops
New sink
Replace all appliances
New organization/shelves in Pantry

I haven’t yet started budgeting for this, but dang, it’s going to cost a crapload.  The worst part for me money-wise is that we will be living in this house for awhile, so I can’t really convince Amanda to get everything that’s super cheap.  I’m going to be crying a lot in the coming months watching all kinds of money flying out of my bank account.

Oh well. 

Next up is the rest of the first floor.

PS – The title of this post is a reference to rap lyrics.  No one that reads this will get it.  Sorry.

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