Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Living Quarters

So, as I said, we’re in.  We moved in on Monday, set up a futon and watch saved TV shows from my laptop on the new television.  The TV was delivered by Best Buy, a washer and dryer, and a giant mattress and box spring set were delivered by Sears.  Sears also forgot to deliver, and will hopefully remedy the mistake today, a gas grill.  We are also waiting on a sweet couch to be delivered.  That’s it for scheduled deliveries.

Who cares.

You’re here for the pictures and stories of me arguing with sub-contractors.  Maybe just the pictures.  My next few posts will be outlining what our plans are for the house.  I will show you images of what the rooms currently look like, then describe to you what we plan on doing to them to make them look different.  First up: The Living Room (slash dining room):


Please note:  The stuff in the dining room is pretty much all that we own.  Not including the items we got at Ikea on Sunday (futon, TV stand), we don’t own much more than that stuff right now.

Here’s the checklist for updates to our fairly large Parlor:

Paint the walls
Replace thermostat
Replace outlet/switch covers
Replace the trim (possibly)
Replace the ceiling fan
Replace the terrible chandelier thing
New curtains and hardware
Remove dog stained carpet (they owned three dogs)
Lay new hardwood floor

What we’re not going to do that we’d like to do?  Scrape the awful 80s pop-corn covered textured ceiling and replace the Texas-style light colored rock fireplace surround.  We’re not updating the ceiling because we live here and don’t want to cover our stuff in ceiling pop corn.  We’re not replacing the fireplace surround because it would be a huge pain in the bottom and wouldn’t really add much value to the house.

This weekend, we will get started.  Step one is painting the walls in as many rooms as we can get to.  The good part of having this dog stained carpet is that we can make it a dog and paint stained carpet without really caring at all.  No more wasting time with a bunch of plastic and painters tape.  Hooray!

Next time, I’ll discuss our outdated kitchen.

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