Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Rest

As promised, here’s The Rest of the First Floor Post. 

But first…

A small update about work on the house":  we started to paint it and priced out some hardwoods.  We picked some colors over breakfast at IHOP on Saturday, picked the paint up thereafter and spent the rest of the weekend painting.  The living room is painted, the master bedroom is mostly painted and the office room thing is primed.  We will finish the painting this coming weekend, but no hurry, as I need another paycheck or two to start thinking about purchasing some hardwoods to install.  I will have some pictures of the results of the painting a little later on, but for now, back to the post.  It’ll be a short one.

When one walks into the house through the garage, one is greeted by a terrible little room.  There are laundry hook-ups, some weird shelves, and a powder room.  Here it is:


First note: I am waaaaaay taller than the previous owners’ kids.  Waaay taller.

Second note: that color of the bathroom is not done justice in that photo.  Since the paint is semi-gloss, the shine from the lighting ruins the image.  It is a way darker, much worse brown color to human eyes.  I guess it’s better than the previous color (gleaned from the paint marks on the ceiling) of hot pink.

That said, this room (collection of two rooms) is pretty terrible and needs some work.  Here’s the work we plan on doing to it:

Fill will laundry apparatus (done!)
Paint the walls
Replace the lighting
Replace outlet/switch covers
Replace door hardware
Replace vanity/mirror
Replace sink
Replace shelving
Replace flooring


Oh, and a new toilet seat.

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