Monday, December 21, 2009

Check 1, 2

Good news. I pick up checks for tens of thousands of dollars today. That's kind of great.

The closing went pretty smoothly on Friday. I signed a bunch of stuff. I also signed a bunch of stuff for my mom, as she was a co-signor on the loan. In order to make sure that she didn't have to drive to RI to sign everything, she mailed in a Power of Attorney form to the buyer's lawyer. That meant that ever place in the documentation that she would have signed, I had to sign the following:

Judith Topham by Ryan Topham her Attorney In Fact

I found that weird.

In any event, I signed everything and the checks (one to me, one to my mom, but really both to me) will be waiting at the lawyers office this afternoon.

In other news, we didn't make it out to look at potential sophomore slumps (second flip properties) on Saturday, as we spent the day unpacking and organizing the mess that was our crappy, tiny apartment. Oh well. We both have the entirety of next week off, so there's still time...

Also apartment related? Some great new neighbors. When watching some TV last night, Amanda's ears perked up a bit and she bounded toward the apparent noise. I was talking to my parents on the phone at the time, so I couldn't investigate/eavesdrop/spy along with her. When I was finished on the phone, I came back into the living room to have Amanda immediately relate to me what she had heard. Here are the pertinent points:

There is a three person family sharing a wall with us. An adult male, and adult female and a tween-aged male.

Apparently, the adult female is an alcoholic, as Amanda overheard the adult male address her as such.

Apparently, the adult female is either jobless, or not advanced enough in her career for the adult male's liking. This was inferred from Amanda overhearing the following (please note that this is very vulgar. I have used the usual censorship method, but it's still very gross): "Why don't you make yourself useful and go suck a homeless man's seaword. Do somethin' for a effword change."

Holy smokes. This might get interesting.

Over the course of the evening, we got to hear a lot of yelling, a lot of door slamming, and the following snippets, all from the much louder/more talkative adult male:

"You're not even a human being no more. You're a effword drunk."

"Ain't nobody lower than a effword drunk."

"You were totally embarrassin' last night at the party. I bet everyone else at the party had a great effword time. Not you though. You probly don't even remember it."

After having his manhood called into question - "I ain't never had a problem with bein' impotent in all my life. What do you expect? I come home to a effword drunk smelling like booze. Essword."

The above, along with a bunch more, was screamed over the course of a few hours last night. I am hoping to get some more of this over the coming months, as it was fairly entertaining. I heard a few domestic squabbles in my time in Philadelphia (a woman screaming at someone over the phone for forgetting hot dog rolls, for instance), but nothing this close to where I live (about 3 feet away). I may have to rename this blog...

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