Thursday, December 17, 2009

Son of a Beeword

My apologies for all of he near vulgarity the past two days. But geeword deeword if it isn't appropriate.

As outlined yesterday, the inspector never showed up at the house. He also didn't call me back. I posited last night that maybe he'll show up today and lie to me, saying he had me down for 10:30 on Thursday. I called his office twice this morning with no luck. I left a few voice mails and headed to the house. He did not show up. Again. Still no call.

I got back to work and immediately gave City Hall another call. This time, I asked for the inspector's boss. Of course he wasn't there either. I left a voice mail with him and have yet to hear back.

I called, once again, during lunch and this time pleaded with the receptionist lady who answers the phone. I asked if there was any way to contact him. She said I could leave a voice mail. I asked if he had a cell phone that anyone in the office can reach him with. She said he doesn't have a cell phone (which is obviously a lie). I asked if there was anyone in the office who had any way to get in touch with him. She asked me if I wanted to leave a voice mail. I politely declined and asked when she expected him back in the office. She said sometime between 3:30 and 4. I thanked her (no I didn't) and will call again at 3:30. Effword.

I'd like to reiterate that the closing on the house is tomorrow. He told me on Monday about things that needed to be fixed, that had not been mentioned by him, or any other inspector, prior to Monday. I got the work done, and paid extra for it, due to time constraints, on Tuesday. He has blown me off since. I absolutely must have this inspector look at my stupid house by 4:30 today if there is any real chance of closing tomorrow.

Also, I'd like to note that during his last (third) inspection, while he was pointing things out, he was acting like he was doing me a favor by only making me do these two things. What a complete deeword.

I know it's been well documented throughout the history of local government that those in local government are generally terrible at their jobs. They are dispassionate, unreliable and ineffective (among many other unsavory adjectives). Providence City Inspector of Structures Scott Mooney is doing nothing to quell those adjectives.


In other news, the movers came and went yesterday and we are almost completely moved into our tiny apartment. It is not only a very small apartment (700 square feet or so), but it is very crappy. It was built in the 1970s and has no problem proving it. I generally have no problem living anywhere (ask Dan about our various college apartments), and I am sure that I will settle in nicely to this new apartment. That said, looking around the place last night, I got a little bit depressed. Here's why:

We've gone from this Living Room:

To this (note the great windows. That moisture is between the two panes of glass. It's not going anywhere):

We've gone from this bedroom:

To this (again, note the great window):

And we've gone from this kitchen:

To this:

You've just seen the entirety of the apartment (bathroom excluded). 2300 square feet to this is quite the adjustment.

I'm sure once everything is organized and put away, it will be a serviceable place to live. Right now, however, it is a touch depressing.

Also, the heat never turns off. It was, literally, 85 degrees in there last night. The heat is set on 55. We slept with the window open.

*generate your own swear word here*

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