Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We Getting Money Over Here

In the words of the hopefully mortal Young Jeezy, '"we gettin' money over here, what it do Pimpin'?"

Here's what it do, Pimpin':

It also does this:

And finally, it makes us do this:

As you can see, I picked up three checks yesterday for a total of over 45 grand. After I pay back a few people who loaned me some stater money, I'll have a little over 30 grand for the next place. Pretty sweet.

One thing I forgot to mention: the lawyer, who's name appears on those checks, and who handled the closing, looked a lot like Bob Ross (minus beard and plus glasses). I tried to get a picture with him yesterday, when I picked up the checks, but his assistant said he was busy. Lame-O.

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