Thursday, December 17, 2009

Son of a Beeword Update

I got a call today, from Ghost Inspector (meaning he's like a ghost, in that he's hard to find, not that he inspects them), and he said he had court yesterday and couldn't make it to the house. Not quite the apology I was looking for (no apology at all). No explanation as to why it took him until 1:30 the next day to call me back, but whatever...

In the call, he said he would meet me at the house at 2:30 for the inspection. I agreed and got to the house around 2:20. I started doing a little cleaning up, packed the car with a few more things and then waited. Each passing minute brought one more Standard Infuriation Unit of Measurement. After an extra 20 Standard Infuriation Units (he was 20 minutes late, duh), he walked up the driveway and rang the doorbell. I opened the door and did not say one word to him. He went down stairs, took three pictures and passed the house.

After passing the house, I said my first words to him during his visit, asking him to immediately call the buyer's lawyer. I handed over the number. He said this:

"OK. I'm going to go back to the office and sign all of the paperwork. Then I'll fax it over to the lawyers office. I'll do that for you."

You'll do that for me? Really? Gee. That's great. You can't stop doing me favors.

Upon hearing that, I registered a few more SIUs, but managed to keep my composure. I didn't thank him, and he let himself out. I then called John McCann, Realtor and let him know everything had passed.

I got back to work and emailed the buyer's lawyer to let them know that they should be expecting a call and/or fax.

They received it. Closing is tomorrow at 3:30pm.

Effwording A.

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