Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lawyers and God

The addendums are still with lawyers. I don't think they've looked at them yet, as it will take about 35 seconds of effort to give them the OK.

That's my update. What follows is what inspired me to write today.

Most days, I go to the gym on my lunch break. Today was no exception. After my short and half hearted workout, I decided, as I do every day, to wash the stink off of myself in the shower before returning to work. While in the shower, I overheard a few fellows talking. One of the guys was talking about how he had a lung removed when he was buried at a construction site. Basically, he was in a hole and a bunch of dirt joined him in the hole. It crushed him and he considers it a miracle that he didn't die. He then went on to say that people take life for granted and blah blah blah.

A little later on in the conversation, the topic turned to his sister. He revealed to another nude fellow that she had cancer of the pancreas and liver. If you don't know much about cancers, then I'll tell you that pancreatic cancer is super duper good at killing people. He knows this as well, so he's pretty much resigned to the fact that she will get extra killed.

After the obligatory condolences from the nude fellow he was talking to, he went on to say that he prayed for her every night and morning, as 'that's the only thing that can cure her now.' I hate that crap.

Let's say that this woman makes a full recovery and somehow defeats her super deadly pancreas. I can only assume, that since the prognosis is so dire, that this man will sincerely believe that a ghost listened to him and healed her. Not that some crazy new treatment or her genetics cured her, but that something we can't see gave a crap about this one poor woman and decided that it was OK to take away the disease.

I have a lot of problems with religion in general and one of them is described above. Too much credit is given to a magician when things go well, and not enough blame is shifted when things go wrong. 'Miracles' are the fault of a mystic, but disasters are caused by everything but said mystic. It's absurd.

I understand that the above is probably poorly written and I am no expert of atheism vs. zealotry, but I felt like writing about it. You can thank two naked men and tragedy for it. Or maybe it is all part of the divine plan?

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