Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inspection #1

Yesterday morning, I headed over to the house to meet with Richard Aube. In the future, he will sign the paper work that will leads to checks being mailed to me. Big checks. Read all about Richard here if you give a crap.

The purpose of the meeting was to walk Richard through the house and let him know what Al Medina, Contractor and I plan on doing this the essword-hole. Once we got into the house, I was fantastically disappointed. Why? Because the first floor apartment, where the crazy woman was (is?) living (squatting), is still full of her stuff. Terrible. I was hoping that when she moved out (which she hopefully did) that she would bring along some of her belongings. Not the case. There are still two beds, a few couches, some chairs, etc etc etc...

This is going to cost me at least two extra dumpsters to clean out. Not good for my wallet.

That aside, the meeting went smoothly, I walked Richard through what was to be done, I signed a few things and we parted.

Tomorrow morning is Inspection #2. This one will tell me exactly what enormous structural thing is wrong with the house that will make all of this work moot. Can't wait...

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