Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Minor Updates

I've spent the last few days making phone calls, meeting with people and waiting for the Purchase and Sales agreement to be signed. It's kind of important.

The hold up was first with the seller's and bank's lawyers. They like to take their time, as they charge by the hour. When the agreement finally came back my way, it had a few addendums. Now those addendums are being looked at by my lawyer. Hooray. Once they give them the OK, I will sign off and that will be that.

As for all of the other stuff? I've been in touch with my Contractor to go over some things, and more importantly, my mortgage fellow. I met with him two days ago after work. His office is in his house. It was weird.

When I arrived, about ten minutes early, he invited me in and began tidying up his home office. He was a little on the frantic side. Once the office was relatively clean, he let out a big sigh and said, "Ryan, I'll be honest with you. I'm a smoker. Come downstairs and I will have a quick smoke, relax a little and gather my thoughts."

Somewhat stunned, I followed him into his basement, where one of his daughters was watching TV, and into his smoking room. Seriously. He has a small room with two chairs in it, an exhaust fan and what looked like an Ionic Breeze air filter. He closed the door, I sat down and he smoked a cigarette. In this time, I found out that he was taking his family to the middle east soon. I also learned that he is from Sudan and his wife is from Syria. Also, that he was engaged to be married long ago, but his fiance wanted to be a lawyer in New York. He's not a city guy. They decided to take six months off to figure things out and he travelled around the world for those six months. One of his stops? Syria. I'm sure his former fiance was thrilled with that development...

After the weird smoking break where I did my best not to breathe, we went back to the office and got down to business. He took all kinds of info and I'll probably get a loan. Huzzah.

Next up is getting that P&S signed, then getting the home inspected by both a professional home inspector and an agent of the bank (as I have that special 203(k) loan). After that, get the estimate written up, get my contractor to sign off and get my lawyer on the title work. It's going to be busy.

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