Friday, March 12, 2010

The Staples Button

After a few days, and about six messages left, Stanley Dickenson, City Inspector Extraordinaire finally called me back. Around 4pm yesterday, he called my cell phone to discuss the property. I asked him the few questions I needed answered and he answered them. It was fairly easy. Here's the rundown:

I need to basically gut the back unit, to make sure that it's unlivable.

He will come inspect it when it's finished, after some permits are pulled, and that will be that.

It won't be a big deal.

I may be able to purchase the house and have the violation carry over, but some forms need to be filled out.

Oh crap.

He told me to call someone else in the department.

Oh crap.

He gave me her name and extension and I hung up.


After hanging up, I was resigned to another two days, plus the weekend, of leaving messages with another apathetic half-asser at City Hall. I figured I might as well get an early start on the process and dialed her number.

A receptionist picked up and I asked for Jasmine Checo. She transferred me and I readied my super sexy voicemail voice. To my surprise, Jasmine Checo actually picked up her phone and spoke with me.

Holy Feces.

I asked her how I can go about taking ownership of a property with a violation on it and she was very helpful. Basically, I need to go to the building she works in and sign some papers. She will take a copy of the Purchase and Sales and we'll be on our way.

With this news, I immediately called John McCann, Realtor. I asked him to meet, he said he could at six, and Amanda and I, before our regular Thai Thursday (pronounced 'Turs-day') dinner went to visit his office. We pet his enormous/elderly/smelly dog and I signed off on the addenda.

This morning, I got a copy of the freshly signed Purchase and Sales from the seller and I'm ready to go down to City Hall and wait around. Hooray.

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