Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Last Two Days Have Been Great

Over the weekend, nothing was done. Not one measurable increment of progress could be tallied. No one works on weekends I guess.

After last Friday, and my conversation with Incompetent Ben Cormier from National Grid, I thought that maybe the meter had been installed that day. He did, in fact, let me know it was at the top of the technician's list. On Monday morning, before work, I went to the house to check on things. Here's what I saw when I rounded the corner:

Just great. National Grid is top notch. If you look closely, you can see that the cardboard that was once there has been removed and some work had been done. If you then do any rational thinking, you will surmise that National Grid started to work, then quit. Mother effword.

I drove to work and immediately called Ben up. He told me it was definitely going to be finished Monday. I laughed at him and told him I didn't believe him. He apologized to me and I said that there's obviously nothing that he can do, so don't worry about it. I hoped he got the actual meaning (he is incompetent and can't do anything), and hung up.

Later on in the day, I received a hilarious email from Richard Who Gives Me Money. It was his estimate, to send to the insurance company. Now, I mentioned before that it's Richard's job to represent my wife and I during this process. He is on our side, thus, he is looking to get us the biggest check possible. The insurance company, is obviously trying to do the opposite, as it's their money.

This in mind, please take a look, and laugh at, the total amount that Richard is submitting (edits mine):

Holy crap indeed. That is enormous. Super duper extra enormous. I cracked up when I saw it. I had no idea what kind of number to expect when I opened it, and I knew it would be high, but Jesus Christos...

I can't wait to see what the insurance company's estimate is. It will likely be equally hilarious, especially given what Richard came up with.

I thanked Richard and asked him to keep me informed. I also laughed again.

This morning, I woke up and again traveled over to the house before work to check, once again, on the meter installation process. I rounded that same corner and found this:

Huzzah. The meter is there and, in theory, there is electricity flowing through at least a couple of outlets in the house. Killer.

I walked back to my car and dropped my camera in it, with the intention of going into Dan's Guest House to grab a few things we need. I took a few steps, looked to my right and immediately went back to the car for the camera. Here's why:

Thanks neighborhood. I really appreciate you dropping off a bunch of old tires in my driveway. I can't wait to pay to have these removed. When I saw them, I said, out loud, "thanks a lot you phalluses." I hope at least one person heard me.

Also of note: I called up Christopher Cleanup (I am now using his full first name, because I think it sounds better) and he should start this afternoon. Measurable progress. Finally.

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