Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Forgot A Title. I Put This Title In Way After Writing This Post. Now It's Too Long.



We'll see!

I have spent the last two days attempting to get through to the City Inspector and National Grid. I need electricity. Fans and dehumidifiers need to be running in there. Mold is probably growing.

For days, I've been talking to the electrician I hired about getting the electricity turned on. He has said that he had calls in to the city as well as National Grid. The Inspector was saying that it was up to National Grid while National Grid was saying that it was up to the Inspector. Just awesome work by everyone.

I finally called up the City yesterday morning myself and talked to the Inspector. He was kind of upset that I called, not only because the electrician is supposed to handle it, but because he's tired of talking about my house. He angrily told me that the house has been passed for weeks and he is sick of talking to me, as "he told me the same thing last week."

I let him know that I didn't call him last week and that things had changed. I told him my house caught fire and I need electricity to keep mold from taking over. I also let him know that I have been talking to my electrician and hearing how everyone is blaming everyone else, and I just need the stupid essword turned on as soon as possible, since my house had caught fire.

After that, he changed his tone a bit, and was kind of shocked that the house had caught fire. Apparently, my stupid electrician, Daniel Costa (must be the last name) hasn't mentioned it to him. Awesome.

After that, he calmly explained that it's up to National Grid now, as he had approved the place three weeks ago. I thanked him and called up national Grid.

After going through their long and almost infuriating (if you're in the right mood), phone menu, I finally talked to a human person. I explained things and she let me know I had to call someone else. She gave me the number and I called one Ben Cormier who works in some department doing something, presumably not installing electric meters.

I left a message. Hooray.

I called again this morning and talked to Ben. He said that the folks are heading out to my building today to install a meter. Will it happen? I have no idea. I will be checking after work fo sho.

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