Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meter Maids.

That title was too easy. I apologize.

It was pouring rain last evening when I left work. Since it was pouring rain, I didn't feel like getting out of my car and walking to see if the electric meter had been installed, as National Grid promised yesterday. Instead, I swung by on my way to work this morning. Here is what I saw:

Immediately, I swore out loud and my shoulders slumped. Making matters worse?  I then went to work.

I called up Ben Cormier, my apparently incompetent National Grid contact and he said, "uh, well, it looks like it wasn't done yesterday."

Ur, dur.

He went on to tell me that he didn't know why it wasn't completed yesterday and said it was rescheduled for tomorrow. I let him know that that's relatively unacceptable and that mold was growing steadily in the house (I don't know if it is or not) and we needed to get some fans and whatnot in there. He said that he would try to get it done today. I am not hopeful.

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