Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Letter From Traveler's

I received a letter in the mail from my insurance company. Here is an excerpt:

We are canceling your policy because the dwelling does not meet our minimum underwriting requirements as described below and the unfavorable physical condition of the property as revealed by a recent inspection as described below.

Dwelling is vacant and extensive repairs and boarded windows

After reading this, I pooped my pants, removed said pants, showered, then scanned the document for an effective date.

Effective Date of Cancellation: 8/20/2010


Awesome. After an inspection of the property, the insurance company has let me know that as of 8/20, I won;t have insurance anymore. The house would have easily passed an inspection by 8/20, but, you know, the thing caught fire. I can't wait to call them and find out what's going on.

The good news is, it was still insured when someone set it on fire.

In other, less pants-pooping news, my electrician went in yesterday and installed some outlets in the basement. These were needed because, while there is electricity going to one meter on the house, that meter is only in charge of the shared spaces in the building. Hallways, basement, etc. There were no outlets in those spaces. Obviously.

I found this out during a nice chat with Christopher Cleanup. He said he and his workers had gone in and done what they could (removed some insulation in the basements/third floor), but they needed some outlets to run their equipment on. I called my electrician thereafter, and he put some outlets in. See:

Off of these outlets, Chris Cleanup is running a few dehumidifiers, and something he called and "air-scrubber". It sounds like a waste of money to me, but whatever. Here's his big and plastic equipment in my damp basement:

Oh, and when I pulled in yesterday afternoon to check on things, I was greeted with this:

A mountain of garbage. Given the new tire pile, I immediately started swearing in my car. Luckily, I quickly realized that they are garbage bags from Christopher Cleanup, and not the neighbors.

Lastly, still no word from Traveler's on the estimate. Richard Who Hands Me Money had a call scheduled with them this morning, so I'll hopefully have an update today. Color me excited.

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