Monday, August 1, 2011

I Hope the New Michael Scott Is Decent

Next up in the parade of old looking rooms and what we’d like to do to them is one of the three bedrooms.  This bedroom is the second largest one, so instead of making it a nice place for guests (of which we may have zero in our entire time living at the house), we instead are going to make it into an office of sorts.

Here’s what we’re working with:


A few fun things to note: 

Instead of purchasing closet doors, the previous owners instead have a projector screen installed above the closet molding.  Hilarious.  They did not own a projector, as far as we know.  The opposite wall, where one would place the projector, instead held two bunk beds (for two presumably rowdy and slightly obese boys) along with shelves full of participation trophies.  No projector.  Closet doors are like thirty dollars.

Secondly, please note all of the pain touch ups that the previous owners attempted.  The problem with them is that the paint they used is a more than slightly different shade of blue, making these touch up strokes something more like “look at where we patched up a hole” strokes.  Very nice.

I appreciate the effort though.  Previous homeowners of previous properties weren’t so eager with effort.

Observations aside, here’s what’s up for the office:

Paint the walls (done!)
Replace the ceiling fan
Replace outlet/switch covers
Replace door hardware
Install closet doors
Replace the carpet
New curtains and hardware
Hang a television

That’s it.  This is the room that I will go to when Amanda is watching Glee or doesn’t want to watch Braves games with me.

Next up is that other bedroom that isn’t the master bedroom.

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