Friday, February 26, 2010

Purchase and Sales

Over the past few days, I've been in touch with my mortgage guy as well as my Realtor. The mortgage guy made me send a bunch of stuff to him. Here's the list of what it takes to get a 203(k) mortgage:

One month worth of Pay Stubs
Two month's worth of statements (checking, savings, 401(k), etc.)
W2 from 2008 and 2009
HUD settlement sheet (from the house I sold awhile ago)
Property address and purchase price
Contractor's name and contact info
Insurance agent's name and contact info

I sent what I could from that list along earlier this week (no '08 W2, no insurance) and am waiting on the next step in the process, the Purchase and Sales agreement.

This should normally take about 13 minutes to do, as it's just filling in some info in a pre-prepared document. It took a few days for this one. Why? Because John McCann, Realtor dragged his feet a little. Also? Because we had to put a clause in.

The first attempt at the P&S looked good, but it didn't have anything in it about making sure that the crazy squatters were gone. I need that clause for sure. The last thing I need after closing on this place is to have to call the police to evict stripper/drug addict and a soft spoken knifist. I made the request and John edited the document and sent it my way. I signed it yesterday, scanned it at home and sent it back. Now the seller has to sign it and we'll be well on our way to closing on April 9th.

There are only 7 million things to do between now and then, but at least a big step will have been taken.

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