Monday, March 23, 2009


This post, like my other weekend recap posts, has much length.

Friday – I showed up to the house after work to meet up with the man in charge of my money. He was a little late, so Al Medina, General Contractor, filled me in on what the inspector (who came earlier in the day) told him. It’s generally bad.

The gist of it was the master bathroom needs to readjusting, most notably, the toilet needs to be moved a few inches forward and the tub needs to be a stand up shower. Sweet.

The toilet needs to move forward because there needs to be, according to code, at least 6’8” ceiling height directly above the front edge of the toilet. That means that the pipe that was fitted (below) needs to be moved about 3 inches forward.

The tub that was just installed needs to be removed:

There is another ceiling height requirement related to the tub, but I’ve forgotten what it is. Some arbitrary number I’m sure. The plan for this requirement is as follows: 1. Buy a shower stall floor ($100). 2. Get Joe Merritt, plumber to half-ass install the shower floor. 3. Install cheap shower walls. 4. Get through final inspection with no more problems. 5. Take out shower, replace with tub. 6. Try not to get caught.

When the money fellow showed up, we took him on a tour and showed him the windows and other work that had been completed, so he could send us another check.

New windows here:

During the discussions, he, Al Medina and Electrician Ron were chatting about how gays and lesbians have more money than other people. It was appropriate.

Electrician Ron then said, referring to some work he had done, “I was doing these two lesbians once…” Immediately the eyes of Al Medina and Richard Who Will Pay Us lit up.

“What?!?" They both said , trying to fit a joke in before the other. “Then they aren’t lesbians if you did them!”

I half smirked and shifted my stance uncomfortably while Electrician Ron, flustered (because he’s dumb and doesn’t recognize sarcasm all that well) tried to stumble through the rest of his story. The conversation ended up with everyone arguing over why gay men and lesbians have more money than everyone. Basically, ER said that they don’t have any kids, plus they have two incomes, thus they’re rich. AM said that they come from money (what?). And RWWPU says that it shouldn’t matter, because gay men buy just as many shoes as women, and that is apparently a lot. Just an awesome conversation to not participate in.

After some sanding, I headed home for the day.

Saturday – While Amanda drove to New Jersey and back to pick up her wedding dress, finally, I headed to the house to get working. When I got there, a bunch of people were putting dry wall up on the second floor and I got back to business sanding more walls.

Here’s the finished drywall on the second floor. They did this in less than 4 hours including closets and a million cuts for the weird wall/ceiling angles. Impressive:

After an hour or so of sanding, I headed to Home Depot, in the red light district, to pick up some painting supplies. On the way back to the house, I sat in traffic for roughly 45 minutes, because apparently there was a parade for tiny, redheaded potato eaters going right down the street I wanted to be on.

I finally made it back to the house and did some more sanding and demolition work to take out the tub surround in the first floor bathroom. I had hoped to save it, but the old owner used some sort of weird adhesive on the shower doors, so it was unsalvageable. After cutting out some parts and prying at the surround with a crowbar, a piece snapped off and hit me in the forehead. I figured that was as good a time as any to call it a day.

Sunday – After another trip to Home Depot, I went to the house fairly early and got to work putting up some dry wall in the bathroom. The space was fairly small and only needed a few cuts, but it still took me forever. I mis-measured and had to re-cut a few times, so it took me probably a half an hour too long to do it.

Amanda came to the house to help out around 10am, so she got to work sanding. I finally got the tub surround out and am now left with a nice looking bathroom hole:

After lunch, Amanda and I started doing some yard work with a rake I found in the basement. While clearing out the spot next to the garage, I found a few things. The first find was a good one; a bunch of stone we could use for a patio area. Free patio saves me much money on my landscaping budget, so that’s excellent:

The second find was not as good. A huge roll of linoleum was sitting under inches of dirt. There was actually grass growing over this roll of ugly, and apparently ancient, linoleum. That’s going to be a real pain in the ass to get out of there, as again, it’s covered in soil and growth.

I ended up stopping for the day a little earlier than I’d hoped and Amanda and I started our weekend around 2pm. Up for this week? Prepping all of the walls for primer (before the floors get refinished), getting all of the drywall hung upstairs and down, the plumber is going to ghetto rig the shower base upstairs, picking up appliances on Saturday and my brother in law is going to come down to help me out with the shell that is the first floor bathroom. I’m sure more will happen, but those are the plans for now.

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