Thursday, April 15, 2010

24 Hours = 24+ Hours

I got another update yesterday. This time, from the sellers agent. Here it is:

As John probably mentioned, we should have a firmer update within the next 24 hours about the when/where of the closing. I will forward to John as soon as I hear. Thank you.

Therefore, I will hear back from someone in greater than 24 hours.

Aside: I wish there were a key on a standard qwerty keyboard for the mathematical representation of 'therefore'. You know, the three dots in an upward facing triangle. I love that thing.

Complimentary Aside: Little known fact, there is also a mathematical representation of the word 'because'. It is the inverted form of the 'therefore'. Three dots with a downward facing point.

Let's use them together, shall we?

∵ All bank workers are slow. ∵ The seller's agent is essentially working for a bank. ∴ I will not hear anything in the aforementioned 24 hour window.

Another one:

∵ All those who know that the because sign exists are nerds. ∵ You now know it exists. ∴ You are a nerd.

Eat that nerd.

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