Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I got an email last week. Well, I got many emails last week. One in particular is relevant to this slowly dying blog. It basically let me know that closing will be held on this coming Friday. Hooray.

I forwarded it along to my my mortgage fellow and asked him if he had everything he needed to get this thing closed on time (late). He was not optimistic (surprise). He let me know that the appraisal still had not been done. Awesome. I handed a check to him ($550) weeks ago for the appraisal. I was displeased.

He let me know that since I have the keys to the place I would be getting a call from the appraiser any minute to set up a time. Three minutes after I hung up the phone, the appraiser gave me a call. We agreed to meet on Saturday at 2:30.

I lied to him.

I did not show up. Instead, I gave the keys to John McCann, Realtor and he showed up. The appraisal was finished and as far as I know, we are on track for Friday.

Hopefully when closing actually takes place, I will be updating this terrible web log on a more frequent basis.

Until next time.

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