Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just Kidding


So after all that delicious optimism yesterday, it turn out that we won't actually be closing this Friday. Killer.

When I sat down at work this morning, I checked my email. Not all that unusual. I had a message from John McCann Realtor sent at 8:45 last evening. Here are it's contents:

Good Evening Ryan,
The attached is an extension from the lawyer for the bank. It means the closing will be some time after the 9th of April but before the end of the month. The lawyer told Chris that he will close as fast as possible and the end of the month is just the outside date. This is not unusual for a short sale, and I think all is well.

There you have it. The seller's bank's real estate department is, surprisingly, staffed by apathetic lazy folks, just like pretty much every bank in existence. The people that work in these departments are either overworked (unlikely) or bad at their supposed jobs (more likely). I've come to realize that if you are dealing with a bank for anything other than banking, then you should be prepared for unsatisfactory work. I chose my wording carefully in that sentence, as my first impulse was to type 'sub-standard work'. Sadly, when it comes to banks and real estate, this work is actually the standard.

In any event, I signed the stupid form and will wait to hear from the stupid bank, probably a day in advance, so I can close on this stupid house and throw all kinds of money into it.

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