Monday, April 5, 2010

The Great Flood

The title of this post is a reference to the super lame name given to the famous Noah's Arc flood in the Bible. You'd figure something that crazy would get a better name. Sadly, the writer (Moses by most accounts) used up all of his creative energy on concocting it (or writing down the previously concocted and passed down oral horror story) and nothing was left for the naming. Oh well.

Lame titles aside, it rained here in Rhode Island for awhile. While we were gone and when we got back, it was raining. A lot. You've probably seen in the news that RI is under water and National Emergency and blah blah blah... Our apartment and my workplace didn't flood, so I haven't been all that concerned about it (as I am apparently a selfish jerk).

I am now concerned about it.

I gave Tony the Mortgage Fellow a call this morning asking if we were still on track for a Friday closing. He sounded worried and said we are no longer on track. I take all thing negative that he says with a grain of salt, as he is a super extra worrier. This instance was no exception.

I asked him why he thought things were off track. He blamed Jesus and his holy weather machine.

He told me that since it rained for eight weeks in a row here, there has been a lot of flooding (as mentioned earlier). Because of said flooding, a lot of local basements have been filling with water. The appraisers that mortgage companies use now have to double check everything. Since they are double checking everything that they are doing, they are kind of busy.


I need that appraisal done by Wednesday to have a reasonable chance of closing this Friday. Closing could possibly take place if the appraisal is done on Thursday morning, but Tony may explode if that's the case (he's kind of high strung).

I am no too worried right now. I handed a check for $550 (yikes) to Tony at lunch and fully expect an appraiser to cash that check by Wednesday. If you ask me how I'm feeling about it on Wednesday morning and I haven't heard anything, my tune may change.

We'll see what Jesus has to say about this...

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