Thursday, August 12, 2010

Everyone Gather Round and Chant Fight Repeatedly

I received another email this morning from Richard Who Gives Me Money. In it, he included his big list of reasonable things that Travelers decided they didn't need to pay for. Here it is:

To contrast, Richard sent along this email from the representative at Travelers. it is a response to the doc that Richard sent to them:

As you can see, hiring PuroClean (Christopher Cleanup) to do anything at my house is going to cost me a lot more than the $4,400 they charged to dry things out. PuroClean has told Travelers that things are fine and that is going to lessen the final check that Travelers sends along. Crap.

To counteract this, I am going to go to the house after work today to take some pictures of the ruined floors and fun stuff like that. It will not sway Travelers, I'm sure.

Unrelated to my house, but related to the title of this post: Did kids gathering around a scuffle and yelling "fight" do anything but attract the attention of authority figures intent on stopping the fight? If kids actually want to see a fight, rather than see a teacher break it up, they would shut their mouths.

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