Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Uninsured Homeowner Alert

Please don't vandalize, burn, burgle or otherwise disrupt the multifamily property I have been writing about. I am not allowed to have insurance on it. Seriously. No one will insure the house, since there is an open claim on it. I spent the week last week trying to find some company that would help out. No one will. This is terrible news. I need this claim closed soon.

Speaking of that, Richard Who Hands Me Money is still trying to squeeze a few thousand dollars more out of Travelers and says he should have things wrapped up this week. Once that is finished, I will immediately try to get insurance again.

In other news, Al Medina, as mentioned before, is back in the US. He has resumed working in the house. He also gave me his estimate for the repairs. It is GREAT. I won't write it here until Travelers has sent the check, but I am literally giddy about it. I cannot wait to settle with Travelers, get the check and finish the work at this house. You really aren't going to believe how well Amanda and I will be making out on this whole fire thing. It's incredible.

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