Thursday, August 5, 2010

Incompetent Ben Cormier

Earlier this week, I received another fun email from Richard Who Hands Me Money. It asked me if I could get some sort of documentation from National Grid explaining the oft written about in this space delay in electrical current at 66 Candace St. He wants that information to make sure that I get as much time on Traveler's dime as possible. Basically, if the delay was National Grid's fault, and I can prove it, the insurance company is on the hook for a longer hotel stay and meals.

After receiving this, I gave Incompetent Ben Cormier a call and left a message.

A day passed.

I called him up again yesterday morning to talk to him and he picked up his phone. I explained the situation and asked him if he could email me the details of the delay; basically, just send me an email saying that the property was approved by the City, it was on the list for activation Thursday, which slipped to Friday, which then slipped to Monday. No big deal. He lets me know that it's kind of unorthodox, and he will have to ask his manager. I chuckled and told him to call me back with details.

Since I didn't receive a call for the remainder of the day, I gave him another call this morning. I asked about what his manager had said, and he let me know that he had just finished speaking with her (which was a lie, I'm sure he spoke with her, but definitely not right before I called). He then, shockingly, let me know that he won't be able to send me an email with details of the delay.

I cracked up.

He repeated that he couldn't send an email, but he was looking for a number for the Claims Department. I told him that it wasn't a claim, as I don't have an issue with his or anyone else's work, I just need the info so I can live for free (or reimbursed for living later) for longer. I then laughed again and called the decision absurd. In fact, I said absurd in various forms many times in the following sentences to Ben.

After I had let Ben know that his unhelpfulness was kind of hilarious, and the "rule" he was following wasn't applicable to my situation, and that it was, again, ridiculous and absurd, I asked for his manager's number. He, of course, couldn't give it to me and instead said that "she wasn't in yet" (which proves that he was lying about just speaking with her) and would pass my number along to her. She is supposed to call me. I doubt that she will. I am looking forward to tomorrow morning's conversation with Ben. No I'm not.

Tomorrow? Hopefully and update on this story, and definitely an update on my soon to be canceled insurance. Awesome.

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