Friday, August 20, 2010

Oscar Moved Out and He Took His Door With Him.

Not much going on. I’m still waiting for an update from Richard Who Gives Me Money. No word yet from him or Travelers. Hooray.

There is some progress though: today, I met with Al Medina, General Contractor, who is back from Portugal. We went through the house and he took notes on what needs to be done. He will give me his estimate probably tonight and I can send that to the jerks at Travelers. Once that is done, they will cash that dumb check and give me a pittance from it, keeping the rest until the work is completed.

Also? During my visit today, I noticed something was missing. It was there the previous day when I picked up some mail. I know for a fact that it was there yesterday because I used it. Can you spot what’s missing?


Stupid neighborhood.

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