Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mr. Stotzer’s Bedroom

One of the yet to be featured rooms on this blog is another of the three bedrooms which will serve as our guest bedroom.  I am tentatively naming it “Mr. Stotzer’s Bedroom”, as Mr. Stotzer, who is Amanda’s dad and thus, my father-in-law, is tentatively slated to be our first visitor.  He will likely be the first person to utilize the guest bedroom in its full capacity and so, he gets the tentative naming rights to the room.

That said, here’s the room (and the attached closet):


The room is the smallest of the bedrooms (and probably rooms period), but it’s perfectly suited for guest room work.  There’s room for a bed and some assorted other furniture, so no real space problems.  The attached closet is fairly enormous, especially compared to the size of the room, so that’s a nice bonus.

Another nice bonus?  That awesome light switch cover.  That there is a market for such things is just great.  I understand that peoples’ personal styles and aesthetic eyes will differ (my parents’ house has pink interior walls, despite their color denials), but come on.  That bear welcoming a hug is atrocious.

Here’s what we’re going to do to the room, after we murder the bear:

Paint the walls
Replace the unpictured ceiling fan
Replace the outlet/switch covers (with whatever the natural enemy of bears is)
Replace door hardware
Replace the carpet
New curtains and hardware
Closet organization stuff (shelves, hanger rods, etc)

Not much to do in there.  The biggest expense will likely be the carpet, but that won’t be too pricey.

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They are not pink!!!!!!