Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sleeping Quarters

It’s been a bit since I’ve written.  I’ve been getting bent over at work recently, so I haven’t much felt like writing.  At any rate here’s the Master Bedroom:


First thing to note is how giant this room is.  It’s huge.  That first picture gives a decent idea of how long the room is and that last picture features the extra space that doesn't need to be there.  There’s like a little study or something attached to an already large bedroom without a wall separating them.  Pretty sweet.

Second thing to note is the crazy amount of outlet things in the room.  The people that had this house before us (and the owner before that) much have had three TVs in each room, along with seven phones per room.  These stupid, and ugly, outlets are everywhere.  They are a pain to deal with.

That said, here’s what’s happening in here:

Paint the walls (done!)
Replace the ceiling fan
Replace the outlet/switch covers (done!)
Replace door hardware
Remove the carpet (note the dog-made holes in that third picture)
Install hardwood floor
New curtains and hardware

The big job will obviously be the flooring.  Judging by the number of dips and weak spots you can feel walking around (I think Amanda is testing one out in that last picture), it’s going to be a big hassle.  And an expensive one, as the room is huge.

Another complaint:  The previous owners painted the walls in the house to get it ready for sale.  That’s fine.  Spending a few hundred bucks on paint to sell a place is something that I recommend.  What I don’t recommend?  Painting over blue walls with yellow paint unless you’re going to give it a few coats.  The previous owners only did one coat and thus, you can see the old blue walls through the yellow paint very clearly even in these crappy pictures.

Lazy jerks.

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