Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mr. Stotzer’s Bathroom

This one is going to be super short and will cover things to be done in the second floor guest bathroom.


You may or may not be able to notice the shell shaped sink on that giant vanity.  Every bathroom sink in the house is shell shaped.  What?  Why was that ever popular?  Is my entire neighborhood filled with these things?  A new vanity and sink for said vanity can be had for less than $100 bucks.  The sink in said $100 or less vanity is shaped like a sink.  You can’t save up $300 over the course of eleven years to replace all of these sinks?  Terrible.  Another fun quirk?  Those cabinets in picture two are giant kitchen cabinets.  The same thing as the ones in our kitchen.  I guess they had a few extra and just hung them up in the bathroom?  They’re awful.

Here’s what’s going down in this room:

Paint the walls
Replace outlet/switch covers
Replace door hardware
Paint current vanity
Replace horrifying beach sink
Add hardware to vanity
Cover floor with new, but kind of crappy vinyl tiles

This room will be easy and likely be one of the last things we do.  The shower is almost brand new (bath fitters style) and everything is serviceable for now.  Plus, we never use it, so why bother spending money on it now? 

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