Monday, August 15, 2011

Master Lavatory

Almost finished up with the “here’s what we’re gonna do” posts.  I promise.  There’s this one, followed by another two more this week.  That’s it.  The good news is, I dragged these out long enough to paint a bunch of rooms, which is lame to write about, and get enough money to buy some flooring.  This coming weekend, I’ll be laying some laminate flooring while my knees swell to incredible proportions.

Anywho…  Here is the Master Bathroom:


Pretty big room with pretty big plans.  The room has two closets, a shower, a giant vanity/sink and a separate toiler room.  I’m glad I’m not claustrophobic, because that toilet room is tiny (see picture 2).  Oh.  Also super fun?  It’s carpeted.  Seriously.  Who carpets a bathroom?  Unreal.

Here’s what we’re hoping to do in there:

Paint the walls
Replace outlet/switch covers
Replace door hardware
Remove the carpet (ha!)
Install tile flooring

Not to mention:

Demo the closet to the right of the shower
Demo the shower
Drop a soaking tub to the right of the shower
Install glass doors in shower
Tile shower/tub surround

This room is going to be a doozy.  It will also ensure that Amanda takes a bunch of baths like a baller.  The biggest expense will be plumbing, as plumbers price fix.  I will be laying tile for the floor and the shower and the tub and it will likely take me about seventeen years.  The most fun part will be demoing the shower and closet as demoing is fun.  That will, sadly, likely take me forty-five minutes.

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Khristen said...

I agree, thumbs down to carpeted bathrooms. Stupidest. Idea. Ever.