Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Yesterday, I worked from home. I can do this because my job requires two things: a company laptop, and an internet connection. I have both of those things. While I can pretty much do my entire job from anywhere with an internet connection, it's generally accepted that I have to do it at my desk instead. That said, I had a good reason to work from my house yesterday: the carpet upstairs was going to be installed between 11am and 4pm. A nice big window for me to wait around.

The Southern carpet installer showed up at around 1:30 and I invited him in. I showed him where he was going to be putting the carpet as he continually looked at his work order. When I was done showing him the one room and set of stairs he would cover, he said, "this thing says you only have three stairs."

That's not the case. I have 13 stairs to carpet. Someone forgot to type the '1'. Awesome. The day previous, when someone called me to confirm the installation day, they said, "OK, you've got a bedroom, two closets and three stairs." I quickly corrected them and hoped they would note their mistake. They did not. Needless to say, I now have carpet in the bedroom:



But not on the stairs. Instead of carpet, he put the tack strips down. Dangerous:

While he was working away, I started thinking about how people generally don't exhibit much common sense these days. What could I possibly need only three steps carpeted for? Wouldn't you, if you saw that someone had ordered only three steps worth of carpet installation, at least check with someone? Of course you wouldn't. It's not your job to check, only look at the form and follow instructions blindly. What a good worker you are.

I thought about this a lot, probably too much, and have surmised that the only set of stairs with only three treads would either be ones leading up to an outdoor deck, or little stairs leading into a hot tub. Both of those seem like illogical places to put carpet, as both would get wet on occasion.

Dumb people aside, he's coming back after 5 today to finish up the stairs. Hooray.

In other stairs news, I ordered outdoor railings for the front and side of the house. I know the old ones were great and fun, in a dangerous 'don't lean on these too much' sort of way, but I figured most buyers wouldn't like them. That said, when I met the welder for an estimate, he said he could do it, but it would take two weeks. Surprised, I let him know that it would have to be done much sooner than two weeks, as I'd like to get the house inspected before that. He crumpled his face up, adjusted his stance, hemmed and hawed a little bit and let me know he could do it in a week, at best. I said OK, and we had an agreement.

Literally two business days later, he gave me a call while I was at work and told me that the railings were done. I said "Holy essword" and thanked him. Here are the side of the house railings:

I cleaned out the Dining Room last night, we sanded and I started to prime the trim in there. I should be done painting it tomorrow, and we'll do the same in the Mud Room. Once that's done, all of the major stuff is done.

Here's the empty room. It's a little less messy than it was yesterday:

I'm very tired.

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