Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It's days like yesterday that make me wonder why I have a job at all. Amanda had the day off (score one for being unemployed, based upon jealousy), it was 80 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze (score one for being unemployed, based upon vastly inferior artificial indoor office weather), I have a crap-ton of work to do at the house (score one for unemployed, based upon the premise of 'better things to do'), and lastly, I had a meeting about stupid made up corporate crap in the morning (score one for unemployed, based upon having to put up with stupid made up corporate crap when it's really nice outside).

*Aside Alert* - I fully understand the need for Human Resources employees. People need to be hired and benefits need to be managed. I have no problem with that, as it serves a purpose and generally helps the employees and the company function. What I do not understand, and will never understand, is the other arm of HR, which sadly, has a much greater reach to me (as I'm already hired, and I don't have any health problems, yet); the HR employees that stay employed solely to make up things. They drag me to day long seminars about how all employees, even if they don't have direct reports (aka, underlings) should be leaders. Instead of saying these are your strengths, and these are your weaknesses, they say, these are your strengths, and these are your "opportunities for development". They make up acronyms for things. They waste thousands of dollars printing and laminating those acronyms to distribute them to people who will throw them away immediately. It's appallingly wasteful, in many ways; time (mine), salaries (theirs), supplies (paper), brain room (anyone who's retarded enough to remember such things). Why are these people employed? Rather, why is such a position not only tolerated, but allowed to infiltrate the jobs of everyone else in the company? Do these people take themselves seriously? All questions I may never have the answers to. If I ask, I will probably get in trouble.

*Aside Over* - My apologies.

On the other hand, my employer pays me every two weeks (score one for employed).

Currently, and presumably for a great long while, the latter (employed) outweighs the former (unemployed), even though there is really only one reason to remain employed. At some point, the scales will tip in the other direction, but it's, sadly, going to be awhile. Sigh.

After work, I headed home and got some more awesome paint scraping done in the front of the house. It's a real pain. All that's left scraping-wise is the left side of the house. Windows are much easier and we should be done painting the house trim this weekend. Hooray.

Amanda's been painting her brains out on her two days off (yesterday, today), so what will become the office should be all painted and ready for furniture today. That's kind of great.

The electrician finished up his duties yesterday, so we have working, up to code electricity. I hope the inspector agrees.

Lastly, Crazy Jeff Doors got a ride from his girlfriend and is working in the house today. He's got a lot of stuff to finish up, so hopefully he shows up a little more frequently. I'm debating on whether or not to entice him with some sort of, "if you finish by X date, you get X amount of money" bonus system. I'm leaning towards doing it, but we'll see what he finished up today.

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