Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hard Work and the Beach.

Sorry, again, for the lack of updates. The reasons behind the reluctance to post are twofold: I'm not doing anything interesting, and I am constantly working, so I don't have much time to update this thing.

That said, on Friday, I finally mustered the juevos to ask Crazy Jeff Doors why he goes to counseling. I may or may not have mentioned this before, but one of his frequent excuses for not showing up to work is because he has counseling. Such things always pique my curiosity, so I finally asked him what type of counseling he goes to. I find that I am more and more willing to ask uncomfortable questions of people for no other reason than to satisfy my curiosity. This will probably end badly for me in time.

I had three theories about what type of counseling he seeks. The first, based upon his repeated comments about how he no longer drinks, is the obvious alcohol avoidance treatment. The second theory, based upon his generally skittish personality, is treatment for some type of general craziness. The final theory, and this is the most speculative of the three, is based upon conjecture. His personality, which, as described previously, is fairly up and down, leads me to believe that he has 'outbursts' from time to time. Since he swings so effortlessly from depressed to happy, it is not too big a leap to infer that he sometimes swings to the 'enraged' side of the swing set.

Theories aside, I, as delicately as I could, asked him why he goes to counseling. He said, with a nervous laugh, "because I'm crazy". He stopped the laugh immediately thereafter and pretty much stopped talking.

There you have it. Theory number two is the winner. He is actually crazy. The nickname I have given him is, and will remain apt.

As for work on the house? It continued. Saturday was a day off, as it was Amanda's 25th birthday. We got some breakfast, went to the beach, got some lunch, watched The Jerk, and ate some dinner. I did no work. It was both great and terrible. Mostly great.

It was mostly great, for reasons obvious. It was slightly (maybe .05%) terrible, because no work was done. In order to make up for lost time, I worked from 9am to 11pm on Sunday, with only breaks to urinate or eat. It was a rough one.

The house is coming along and the painting will be finished tonight. Awesome. Only touch up painting left. This Saturday, we're hosting a cookout/housewarming party for some friends/family and will spend the rest of this week getting the house presentable. We'll work tonight, but after that, it's only cleaning/setting up furniture until Sunday. A friend of mine is coming in from Philadelphia for the weekend, so unless he wants to caulk some floor trim, not much work will be done.

It will be mostly great. And, considering I won't be doing any work, it may also prove to be slightly terrible.

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