Monday, July 13, 2009

Hair. Gross.

Very busy weekend. I am very tired and sore. Here were my goals for the weekend:

Mow the lawn
Finish the lanscaping
Scrape and paint the window trim outside (first floor)
Semi-organize rarely used tools
Clear out the Second Floor Bedroom
Empty out the first floor bedrooms to paint
Finish painting the first floor bedrooms
Clear out the Dining Room

Here's how Amanda and I fared:

Lawn? Mowed.

Exterior Trim painting? Scraped and painted.

Rarely used tools? Semi-organized.

Second Floor Bedroom? Almost cleared out.

One first floor bedroom? Painted.

The landscaping, Dining Room and other first floor bedroom?

We didn't have time to finish those things. Mainly because everything takes longer than you expect it to. That and the annoying need to sleep and eat.

Here's our current Dining Room:

Yikes. it looks like my childhood bedroom as there is a bunch of crap, but still a slim path to walk on.

Also, I spent an ungodly two hours in Home Depot trying to set up carpet installation, buy a bunch of stuff and pay for it all. That place is such an amazing time waster. It's crazy. I have spent more time in Home Depot than with my wife lately.

The good news is, the carpet is coming tomorrow. Once that's in? That room is pretty much done. The bed will go in there, the doors will be rehung (after I painted them) and we'll have a completed room that is clean. It's kind of exciting I guess.

The first floor bedroom that isn't done is actually much further along than I expected it to be on Sunday morning. I am kind of impressed with how it all transpired. I was able to:

Clear the room out
Sand the walls
Sand/scrape the trim
Sweep/vaccum the joint compound dust
Two coats of primer on the trim
One coat on the walls
One coat in the closet
Two coats of paint on the walls

All in the same day. All that's left is cutting the walls and painting the ceiling. That'll be done tonight.

One thing to note, going along with the recent post about Haitian craftsmanship, are these images of the baseboard trim, presanding/scraping:

If you look closely (and can get past the fact that it's pink), you can see not only all of the joint compound dust (from wall sanding) but also super disgusting hair in it. This is only an example of a problem that was throughout the room. The hair was painted into the trim. Gross.

In short, all three first floor bedrooms will be finished today (minus closet doors), the second floor bedroom will be ready for carpet and it finally feels like we're reaching the end of this crap. I know there are still a million little things to do, but it should be wrapped up pretty soon.

The two remaining rooms with a lot of work left are the Mud Room (easy) and the Dining Room (harder). I want to get those wrapped up this week as well.

Crazy Jeff Doors is still working along, despite his crippling depression, and is almost done with his stuff. We should have radiator covers to paint this week. Hooray.

For fun, here's me carrying a huge and heavy closet door form a first floor bedroom. It weighs probably 75 pounds because of the huge piece of glass in it:

And here's how I feel about having to carry it:

Also, finding headbands while cleaning is sweet.

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