Thursday, October 1, 2009

Live, Shiver and Learn.

I'm a novice at this home improvement stuff. I never claimed to be anything more. When it comes to plumbing/heating? I'm thirteen steps below novice. I am functionally retarded. I can install a faucet and/or toilet. That's it.

Our heat was not working. I had the system overhauled in the spring and it no longer fired. This is bad with winter approaching. The boiler would fire, run for about seven seconds, and shut down. It was not promising.

I set up an appointment to meet a heating fellow today at lunch. I met him at the house and we went down to the basement to figure out what's wrong with the boiler. Mike the Heating Fellow put on some black latex gloves, put down some padding and went to work.

Two minutes passed.

The heat fired and stayed on.

The problem? There wasn't enough water in the boiler. All that needed to be done was to crack a plumbing valve, allow a few gallons of water into the boiler and turn it back on. God I'm an idiot.

I cut him a check for 85 (!!) bucks and he was on his way.


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