Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Work/Prices

Over the weekend, I was back to busting my ass in the house. The shower upstairs was tiled and grouted, doors were sanded/painted, trim was put up, etc etc. Amanda also cleaned a bunch of windows, so that's done. Still a lot more work to be done for the Open House on Sunday, but it's definitely manageable. The biggest project left is cleaning up the basement. Ugh.

In other news, the Realtors are done in the house. A second one toured the place last Thursday and my buying agent, John McCann toured it last Friday, and again this morning. The prices are in:

Doreen (Century 21) - 239,900 - 249,900

Michele (Coldwell Banker) - 200,00 - 225,000

John (Coleman Realtors) - 249,000 - 259,000

Overall, pretty good numbers and I'm a little excited to sell this place. First things first though, I need to choose a Realtor. Each one has some pros/cons, obviously, and each is capable and has been in the business for awhile.

The first two work for big corporations, which is generally a good thing in this case. Everyone knows the two firms they work for and visit their sites frequently. On the other hand, they each have a lot of listings, and thus, their time will be divided.

John works for a smaller, local agency and thus, doesn't have the huge resources and built in infrastructure of the other two. That's not good. On the other hand, he actually invited all of the agents there to view the house this morning. 17 of them showed up for the tour. They are more of a 'team' than the larger corporations, and will collaborate accordingly.

Either way, Amanda and I will chat about it tonight and try to make a decent decision. Either way (again), we're going to choose someone tonight, clean a few rooms, take a few pictures and get this place listed tomorrow.


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