Thursday, October 8, 2009

Realtors and Selling This S-Hole.

So. The place is almost done. I want to sell it as soon as it is. In order to do that, I need to get some advice from Realtors. That process started yesterday.

I reached out to a handful of agencies and am having people take a tour of the house and then provide me with prices/etc. Last evening, the first Realtor, from Century 21, traipsed through the house. Amanda and I pointed out what had been done to the place, she made some remarks and promised to get back to me with her thoughts today.

I just got her email. 239,900 - 249,00. That's pretty good. From the first day I researched the house, after the initial tour, I wanted to get 250k when I sold it. Not too bad.

I have another meeting at lunch today with the second Realtor, and a third will be showing up on Friday.

Since this will be done this week, I am going to sign with a realtor early next week and have an open house on the 17th.

Awesome. Its kind of exciting, even though I still need to finish the stupid house and put in a tub and tile and clean and decorate and etc.

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