Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Turns of Event

I feel like, and am probably wrong grammatically, the title of this post should be correct if you're talking about one event taking turns, rather than the turn of many events (more popular/widely accepted 'turn of events'). Whatever. At any rate, here's what went down yesterday:

I countered the initial offer of $230k around noon. I figured that the buyer wanted to end up on $240k. I wanted to take no less than 241K. My counter was $245,900.

An hour or two later, a new offer was relayed to me at $238k. My immediate counter-offer was $242,900.

An hour after that, another call from Realtor John McCann brought yet another offer at $240,500. So close.

I countered with my final offer of $241k around 3pm.

One last call from John on my way home from work brought news of an accepted offer. The Purchase and Sales paperwork will be completed tonight around 5pm and I'll sign it, provided everything looks OK. Sixty days thereafter, right before Christmas I think, we'll close and I'll have a big check that will be doled out to various parties, leaving me with a smaller, but still relatively substantial sum of money.

Back to this post's title. One of my biggest problems with people is their general inability to pluralize a select few words/titles. The most common one I can think of right now is the plural form of Attorney General. If you have a big group of them, it's Attorneys General, rather than Attorney Generals. The reason for this is obvious, it's a group of lawyers, rather than a group of high ranking Army officials, but lazy people still get it wrong.

The one that gets me most often, as I deal with it at work all the time, is the plural form of Statement of Work. If you have more than one of them, they are a pile of Statements of Work, not Statement of Works (that's still a single document, chronicling the many works to be done). One fellow here at work constantly gets it wrong and it bugs me. I am a snob.

Stupid grammar rules aside, in my limited experience, it is very easy to sell a house.

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