Friday, October 30, 2009

Inspection Report

So. I got the home inspection report yesterday evening. Along with it came requests from the buyer. Essentially, based upon the home inspection that they had done, they either want me to fix things they point out before they purchase, or they want a credit in the price. Generally speaking, me fixing things will cost less than the credits they will want in the sale.

Below, I'll outline precisely what they want fixed, in their words, and will attach a portion of the inspection to give you a sense of why they want those things changed.

1. The front portion of the dormer has no flashing and the inspector wasn't 100% on the rear portion, but was fairly confident that there was no flashing there either. Evaluation and installation of proper flashing around dormer to prevent water leakage from penetrating the structure was highly recommended by inspector. Buyers are requesting that this be addressed and proper flashing be installed.

2. Two issues with garage- a) The rear portion of the garage roof has a fairly large section of exposed rotted wood with roofing shingles no longer in place. Buyers are requesting that all damaged wood boards be replaced and shingles installed in the damaged areas. b) The left hand door on the garage is off track and very difficult (inspector couldn't close at all) to close. Buyers are requesting that this issue be resolved, so that the garage door opens and closes properly.

Here are the sections of the inspection report that mentions these issues:

*Aside alert*

I really think that crappy red arrows I make in Photoshop are hilarious. They make me laugh consistently. I'm the worst.

*Aside over*

3. Termite treatment by licensed pest inspection company prior to closing. There was evidence of termite in the basement. Exact location will be detailed in report which I will send over as soon as I have it.

Here's the section of the inspection report that mentions this issue:

Wait. There is nothing in the inspection report that outlines or even mentions termites. Sweet.

I have no problem fixing the relatively minor, and hopefully inexpensive Roofing issues. Those are not a big deal. paying for a termite treatment however, for seemingly no reason? I probably won't do that.

That said, John is going to go back to the seller and find out what the hubbub is about.

Lastly, I'm going to a Celtics game tonight. Hopefully, they are as good as this one and this one.

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Peter said...

If I was the buyer, I would be upset with this inspector who couldn't write a 5th grade level report. How do you qualify/quantify "good" as it relates to the home's overall condition?
Hats off to the seller who actually said it better.

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